Sunday, 13 August 2017

A Few Days By The Sea | Devon 2017

Earlier in the summer, I went to Devon for a few days, it was the perfect mini break as the beaches are so picturesque and the place in Britain that is the most likely to have beautiful sunshine and it definitely did. I completely de-stressed and it couldn't have been so I thought I would share the photos as my first photo diary and relates to my Summer Bucket list I posted back at the start of July (Linked HERE).


Why I Stopped Blogging

This time last year I noticed a change in myself. A change I couldn't understand, but I lost all motivation to go out, see friends, do work and things I enjoy. I sat around, going through the motions of the day without really remembering or thinking about what I was doing. 

I then had to begin going out to sixth form every day which definitely worked in my favour opposed to the summer where I had an excuse to be lazy. But then I began to do the opposite, I still didn't do things I didn't have to such as school trips and going out on the weekend but this was because I put so much pressure on myself to do school work and other tasks such as blogging. There was too much. Two blog posts a week, studying for A levels, work and battling whatever was going on with no motivation were incredibly hard as I then beat myself up over the smallest of things.

So as everything I was doing began to disappoint me as I am such a perfectionist and if I did everything I would end up having a result of 50% rather than a 100% effort. I had to take control and get my life back and prioritise all that was important to me which at that point was my A Levels as I had to think I had tried my best. However, I still couldn't concentrate fully so my attention was forced to be moved to my mental health as I had anxiety and it was dramatically affecting my happiness no matter what I told people. So at this point, I went back to doing nothing, I limited everything I did for a while to get my brain back together, for example, my blog posts had gone from 2 a week to at this point 1 a fortnight but the only way to focus was to stop altogether. I also did this for revision, I spent a week doing absolutely none. Both were a huge risk as I could never have regained motivation but for me, it put everything into perspective. My mental health improved so therefore so did my physical health and I could concentrate on school more effectively.

However, through this, there was one thing I forgot about and that was my blog. Some people would say that didn't matter, it's just a hobby. But I have worked at this for about 3 years and I wasn't about to let it all fall apart. But I put off doing it and could get absolutely no motivation. Luckily I had a few pre- prepared posts which instead of filling my old schedule of a month I rescheduled to over three months so it looked like I hadn't dropped off the face of the earth.
Despite that, to dishearten me even more because I hadn't promoted on social media there were very limited views only reaching 2,000 which is low compared to what I was used to seeing. Even though everyone claims views don't matter but really everyone wants some kind of gratification for the effort it takes and it was taking me a bloody lot of effort to get my computer out let alone actually write something of a high enough quality to post.

So today after months of contemplating sacking it off or rebranding or pretending it never happened I hope to start producing content but I'm not promising they won't be sporadical as I'm still not completely inspired and I definitely will be rebranding my now happy little corner of the internet.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

My Summer Bucket List!

I did one of these posts last year and as I sit here I am one week into my summer holidays and have not yet got around to doing anything remotely exciting except work, work and more work. Last year I nearly completed my whole summer bucket list bar a couple which at the time was impossible for me to complete so I thought why not do it again. It's my last school summer holiday so why not have the time of my life. *Begins to sing like Dirty Dancing*

Go somewhere I have never been before
There are some many cities in the UK I have not yet visited but at the same time much of my hometown I have lived in constantly for 18 years of life is probably undiscovered so this summer I will go places, see new things and experience everything there is to offer.

Go on holiday with friends
There is currently one in the planning process (if we can ever decide where to go) which I really REALLY hope happens as I know it would be the best few days ever. 

Go to the beach
Now, this is just a summer must!

Pass My Driving Test
This is my biggest goal as I know if I do this I will be able to go anywhere, be free with little restraints but it seems to be harder than I first thought it would.

Visit a safari park
This is a bit of a random one but my whole life I have wanted to go on safari and this summer that would be unrealistic to think of but I have never even been to a safari park so I need to go!

Go horse riding
This was on last years bucket list and I did a short beginner ride for an hour to see if I liked it and I loved it so this time I would want to do a more scenic route and learn to gallop rather than just a slow walk.

Go on a zip wire 
I love the adrenalin of adventure sports and I have one quite local so I am determined to go on it.

Read some books
I cannot remember the last time I read a book that wasn't for A Level English and although it has kind of put me off staring at a page of words I want to get back into reading as I have so many unread ones on my bookshelf.

Have a picnic
Again, I'm sure this is a summer essential!

Like reading I can't remember the last time I did this even though it is possibly one of my favourite things as I find it so calming and a great way to get away from stress.

Collect memories
Last summer I started a photo album, this year my parents bought me a scrapbook for my 18th birthday as my adult life began I can document it and I hope to stick to it.

What's on your bucket list?


Sunday, 2 July 2017

All About The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Well, if you haven't heard about the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette you must have been living under a rock as I think everybody and their grandmothers hyped over this when Urban Decay dropped it the other week. I got mine in the presale on the 12th June but never got round to it because exams *yawn* leaving me wondering whether it was even worth doing this post as everybody already knows about it but I took a heck of a lot of photos of the beauty so it just seemed essential.
 So before I get started with the gorgeous colours, I will give the boring details out. I am not one to usually buy expensive makeup as a drugstore gal through and through so this is my first Urban Decay Naked Palette as although the others are stunning none struck me as 'my perfect palette' but I love a good burnt orange and warm tones so at £39 I went for it. Even though I am still contemplating my life decision as it was mid exam season where I treated myself more often than I should of and is now the most expensive makeup item I own so I will take the price into consideration as I go through. 

First up, the packaging. As I expect all Urban Decay palettes come, it arrived in a box. No surprises there. But the aesthetics of the box and the palette itself are gorgeous with the orange and amber hues which just scream summer which I am all for but it is quite heavy meaning the practicalities of it for travelling aren't the best.
 Onto the shades from left to right:
Ounce: The perfect white shade to set the lid.
Chaser: A cream shade also perfect to set the lid.
Sauced: A warm taupe great as a transition shade
Low blow: A slightly darker transition shade
Lumbre: Possibly my favourite shadow as it is slightly duo-chromed as it is a shimmery amber but slightly copper, slightly burgundy which I find changes depending on what colour or light it is in.
He Devil: Burnt orange for the crease.
Dirty Talk: A gorgeous amber shimmer
Scorched: A pinker toned shimmer
Cayenne: Great for deepening the crease
En Fuego: A deep burgundy
Ashes: Appears more purple but is actually a dark brown great for further deepening the crease or smokey liner. 
Ember: A dark brown shimmer.

I would say the colour selection is beautiful and perfect for anyone who loves a warm smokey eye however it is virtually impossible to create a soft, light suitable look and I would have loved a copper shade but I already have a thousand and one in my selection so it doesn't bother me. However, the pigmentation of the matte shades are probably the best I have ever used and the shimmers appear beautifully. They also have an incredible staying power even without primer and blend out so well. However, I would say the shadows are comparable in quality to my Zoeva and Smashbox palettes which were £20 so I am still left contemplating whether the price is a tad over the top.

What do you think of the new Naked palette?


Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fun & Bright OOTD

As soon as I saw this pink leather skirt I knew it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe as I love a piece to make a statement but I knew styling it would be something where it could go very well or very wrong but these two tops have been my go to's and where it at every occasion I find as I am obsessed. The black top is a high neck from Miss Selfridge and a bit more appropriate for the cooler spring like days whilst the white lace one from Primark transitions from cooler days to hot summer like days. I also pair this with either a pair of Chelsea boots (which I try to get away with all year round) or ballerina style slip on shoes. 

The Skirt: Link HERE